• Karen Adams

What To Pack For A Teddy Bear’s Picnic

When the weather’s this good, there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned picnic. We may not be able to travel to a park but a little trip to the garden can be just as fun! To help you make the most of your time out in the sunshine, we’ve come up with a guide on the 10 things you need to pack for the perfect teddy bear's picnic.

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1. A Picnic Blanket No picnic blanket? No problem! Table cloths, old sheets and big towels work just as well. All you need is something to lay out on the grass for you all to sit on and lay your food out on.

2. Something To Drink If you’re feeling fancy, make up a jug of your favourite flavour squash and garnish it with fresh fruit and mint. If you don't have these on hand, just fill a big water bottle with your drink of choice instead. Grab some cups and bendy straws if you have them and you’re all set.

3. Healthy Snacks Why not make up a bowl of fresh fruit - strawberries are the classic option but anything from peaches to pineapple work just as well. We love preparing PB&J apples, veggie-packed pasta salads and carrot sticks with hummus too. Yum!


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