• Karen Adams

Most Popular Online Word Games For Kids In KS1

While your kids may no longer be physically attending school, there are still plenty of educational KS1 games that your little ones can access online. Whether your kids are screen time addicts or just can't seem to let go of their iPads, introducing these types of games is a really great way to get them doing something educational and to keep them busy - all whilst they're having heaps of fun. We've rounded up our top 10 word games for some valuable learning - check them out!

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Karate Cats Fill in the missing words, choose the correct spellings, complete sentences with punctuation, and more - all with the help of the Karate Cats! This exciting KS1 game will have your kids chopping and fly-kicking their way to a better understanding of grammar, spelling, and sentence structures. The aim of the game is to win treats that you can swap in to get more cats. The more you train and the more answers you get right, the more cats will join you - with the goal being to make it through levels all the way up to earning a black belt. Karate Cats is a great game to improve your kids' word skills whilst they're having the time of their little lives. Ready to earn your black belt? Begin playing here.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Help Pirate Jack find the island's hidden treasure! Pirate Treasure Hunt is a fun and diverse word game in which your mini adventurers have to complete eight different word related challenges in order to discover the buried treasure. Begin the game by creating words out of letters to rescue Pirate Jack from a tree, and then use his trusty map to choose where you start your adventure. Kids will win items after every challenge to help them along the way. The game is super easy to use, a great tool for improving vocabulary and spelling, and is also tablet-friendly. Start your Pirate Adventure here.


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