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Home edding during COVID-19 School Closure

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Hello, thanks for dropping in. I created this site in 2019 as the resource I could not find, but never published it, Today, when I realised that swathes of anxious parents are looking for advice on how to home educate, I decided to pulish this to offersupport/help to the many parents navigating home education for the first time.

The first thing that I would say is; there are no rules.

Now that in itself will strike fear into the hearts of many. Education is a massive institution and we don't know how to operate outside of it, unless forced to, as you now have been.

I was also forced into it, but for different reasons (see about page).

I thought I'd share some tips from my journey, and perhaps, this can become a place to gather and chat/support one another as we head into the unknown during this lock-down.

TIP 1 -Don't try to re-create school in your own home

This is a hugely challenging period for those thrust into home edding because of COVID-19. It's terrifying enough even when you choose to go this way. There are many approaches to home educating and a lot depends upon the age of your child.

A home educated child requires around 10-14 hours of education, which is more of less equivalent to the teaching time they receive in school once class changes, transition, behaviour control, other sorts of waiting time and non-teaching time are removed. This in itself should reduce your anxiety.

TIP 2 - Be a facilitator rather than a teacher

There are a myriad of ways for a child to learn and self-directed learning, discovery, research are all empowering and valid forms of learning. Schools specialise in one form of learning. During the lock-down, you can expose your children to a different, empowering type of learning involving creativity, research, reading etc.

TIP 3 - Make use of free online resources

There are many online learning resources some of which I've listed on the useful links page.

TIP 4 - Stay connect, share, talk

I hope to set up a chat room/forum page shortly and invite some experienced home educators who might be happy to share their journey and some support as you navigate your way through this. You're welcome to sign up, which will allow you to post, ask a question, share some tips.

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