• Karen Adams

Best Podcasts For Teens To Learn From In Lockdown

Your social media feeds are full to the brim with wacky and wonderful ideas on how to keep your little ones entertained during the lockdown... but what about your teenagers? While finding ways to keep up with toddlers energy can be hard, finding something to entertain your teen can be an even bigger challenge. Podcasts may just be the solution for you! Bag yourself some time away from the screens and engage your listening skills together - this could be some really valuable family time to explore the weird wonders of the world together with your teens.

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In Our Time In Our Time offers a huge array of choice when it comes to topics for podcasts. You could listen to Melvyn Bragg talk about history, culture, philosophy, religion or science. While these podcasts get released weekly on a Thursday there is a huge archive of them on the BBC Radio 4 website so you can gorge yourself on all the education you desire. Find something that interests you in these engaging podcasts about all elements of the world.

Stuff You Should Know This thrilling podcast on iHeart Radio offers you answers to the big question such as: 'How COVID-19 works', 'Could a Robot Tax Win the War on Poverty?' and 'Was there a real King Arthur' - all the things that keep you awake at night! While their posts are sporadic, it seems they update and post podcasts in most days of the week. Plus there is a huge backlog of episodes that you could get listening to now.

Teen Girl Talk If your adolescent girl is crazy about movies and books, then this podcast for teens that explores all things media and offers movie reviews and book recommendations could be just the thing. You could get your teen listening to podcasts before turning to a book she's just listened to a podcast about - result! New episodes are not uploaded at a set time but Teen Girl Talk guarantee new content every week so keep checking for those new episodes.


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