• Karen Adams

13 Ways To Celebrate Your Child's Birthday In Lockdown

We all want to make sure our child has a wonderful birthday celebration, and there is absolutely no reason why that can't still happen, lockdown or no lockdown! We can help you to make sure that your child has the most magical and memorable day at home - take a look at our list below for lots of birthday party ideas and activities to make this particular birthday extra special.

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1. Write Birthday Invitations To make this feel like a real birthday party, a few days before why not make invites for your 'at home' family, no matter how many or few of you there are! It will add a sense of occasion to have a set time for the party side of things to begin, for example the invite could say 'RSVP Mummy' at the bottom, and 'Location: Home Sweet Home', or make up a funny name that fits the theme of the at-home-party you are planning.  If your child is very young this might not be necessary but if they are a little older it will hopefully help ease any disappointment, even if they just think it's a bit silly!

2. Choose a Theme A themed birthday party during a lockdown might seem like a wild idea, but choosing a theme will really help with party planning and create a focus. You could have a simple fancy dress idea, eg come as whatever you like out of the dressing up box, or you could choose your child's favourite colour and everyone has to use whatever they can find around the house to make it work. Or could go big, for example if your child is a fan of dinosaurs, perhaps you could create a Jurassic feel by filling the table up with all the houseplants, making great big leaves out of cardboard and create huge footsteps on the ground by sprinkling flour and drawing them with your hands! Look online for recipes that link to the theme and above all work with what you already have.

3. Decorate! Decorations are KEY to creating the birthday party vibe! If you already have lots of decorations, like balloons, streamers, party poppers, excellent. If not, time to get creative. You could make some colourful bunting with card or paper, or if you are handy with a sewing machine there are plenty of tutorials online. We think fairy lights are appropriate for any occasion, but in this instance they definitely are! You could pin plain sheets up on all the walls to create the feel of a marquee, and hang fairy lights behind for some ambient twinkling. Personalised banners are a lovely way to celebrate the birthday child and make it all about them, if you have other children this is a nice activity to get them to join in with, they could colour in sheets of paper that you then cut the letters out of.  

4. Have a Picnic If you have a garden, or easily accessible outdoor space that you know won't be at all crowded, you can take the party outside, although this idea could be done indoors as well. If you don't have access to a garden but the weather is lovely, open up all the windows and let your imagination run wild. Lay out all the colourful blankets or towels you have, and lots of cushions too, this is not any old picnic - it is a birthday picnic! This is where the decorations are important, we want the space to feel completely fresh and birthday party-ready.  For an especially realistic picnic vibe you could pack all the food into a box or hamper and unpack it together, or lay it all out down the middle for a birthday picnic buffet. Depending on the age of your child it's a wonderful idea to go full 'Teddy Bears Picnic' and invite the whole gang! Make sure you have some music playing to set a fun mood and don't forget the cake!


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