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Due to COVID-19, the UK has suddenly become a nation of home educators.  You'll find a wide range of resources, activities and learning opportunities on the Useful links and Services pages. Please explore and share. 

Together, we'll come through this.

Home education is not school in a house 

I'm a home educating Mum, and ironically, the daughter of a retired school teacher. I set up this Air Academy site in 2019 in  the hope of creating a community of home educators that need to, or choose to provide an education for their children, on their own terms and outside of formal Educational Institutions. I decided not to publish it back then.

Parents and Students create their own 'Air Academy'  of learning by utilising the vast resources that exist in the world, including online courses, books, places of artistic and historical interest, and of course, curriculum resources and learning. 


Home education can lead to exploratory, engaging, creative learning that allows a child to be as 'free as air' to learn and flourish, and to think freely, hence the name AIR ACADEMY.

The strap-line 'let learning fly' was my son's suggestion. It's what he yearned for for years - to be free to soar through learning.  

 For years, I struggled to secure an education that would support and keep up with my son's fast learning pace, high ability, and the sensory challenges of autism. I realised that home educating was the best way to ensure that my son received an appropriate education. When I created this site in 2019,  hoped that  Air Academy would become the support, resource and community that parents like me desperately need on the home educating journey.

We, the parents, become our own 'Academy' when we choose to home-educate our children, and we have the freedom to create an education that most suits our child's needs, setting them free from the rigidity of a formal education, which may not suit the neurological make-up or pace of learning for all children.

Making the decision to home educate your child is a huge responsibility and can be daunting. You may be here, anxiously seeking advice and resources, having been plunged into the world of home education due to COVID-19. Welcome. Allow this website to re-assure you and inspire you during this period of lock-down.


So whether you are home educating, still deciding,  supplementing mainstream schooling or perhaps have been shunted into this world as a result of COVID-2019 - welcome!  I hope  you discover resources, join in the chats, and become  inspired on your home educating journey, however long or short a journey it might be.


Why educate outside of school?

A Boy and His Tablet Device

My Child Has Special Educational Needs

Teacher and Young Student

My Child is an Advanced/Rapid learner

Swimming Pool

My child is a Sporting Achiever/Young Actor/Model/Musician

Student in Library

I want to future Proof my child's education

Children Playing

My Child is Being Bullied

Conference Room

We Travel For Work

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Is Home Education Legal?

Yes. UK law demands that each child be educated, but your child's education can take place within a school or otherwise.


"They know enough who know how to learn”

Henry Adams